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Welcome to AnamCara's Healing

When we heal ourselves we are transformed in mind, body and spirit. Life flows as we tap into the abundance of the Universe and our spirits soar as we shed the layers of outdated beliefs, traumas and woundings that have been holding us back. In turn our minds are more illuminated and we raise our vibrational energy pattern. Your facilitators journey to heal the layers of her Wounded Chiron, brought her to a place that enables her to hold space for others during their healing journey. AnamCara’s Healing provides opportunities for mind, body and spirit transformation and healing through the use of various complimentary healing modalities, rituals, workshops and courses, which are designed to assist your to relax, destress and tap into your own healing process. Remember that the space you live and work in can hold unbalanced and trapped energies that lower your frequency. We can assist you to clear and refresh your home or business space and restore it’s energetic balance by providing a space clearing session tailored to your personal preferences. Book your physical destress session, energetic healing session or enlightening course/workshop today. Ignite the wonder within you.

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