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Usui Tibetan Reiki - Levels 1 to Masters

Teaching is a passion and sharing the gift of Reiki is a joy and a delight.  Each level provides the necessary atunement required, a comprehensive manual, and time to practice using Reiki during the class.  Join fellow minded students on an accelerated healing journey with Reiki.  Courses are run continously during the year so please contact me for course content for each level, pricing and the next available class.

Reiki is a gift that changes heals and accelerates your vibrational shift

My Reiki Lineage leading back to Sensei Usui is available on request.

Students from other Reiki traditions are welcome as I will bridge you into the Usui Tibetan path.

Munay-Ki Rites 

Based on the teachings of Alberto Villollvo these Rites gifted to the West by the Quero Nation will assist you to develop your Luminous Energy Field.  They accelerate your vibrational growth and enable you to clear outdated patterns of disease and ill health from your energy body.  Each Rite brings specific gifts and healing to the energy body.  In particular the Harmony Rite will work specifically on the chakra system to remove fear based implants from the Chakra concerned.  There are 9 Rites in total and they are transmitted 3 at a time over 3 classes, the last class is an opportunity to practice transmitting the rites to others.  A gap of one week between classes is necessary for the body to integrate the changes and vibrational shifts.  Experience the next Step in Evolution.

R1800 for Four 3 hour classes

Additional Courses

Your facilitator is trained and skilled in a diverse variety of Holistic, Energetic and Esoteric disciplines which enable her to provide a variety of courses and workshops suitable for many different seekers. Some options are listed below - contact AnamCara's Healing by email or sms to obtain further information or schedule attendance.

Course Options

Astral Doorways

Conscious Creators

Paganism - various courses

Rite of the Womb

Shamanic Journeying

Universal Tube Clearing

Working with the Fae

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