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Hot Stone Massage

Massage with warm basalt stones and carefully selected essential oils

to sooth tired and stressed muscles.  Brings deep relaxation and rejuvenation to the body

R450 - 90 min

Acupressure Massage

Gentle stretching of the body to open the energy meridians.  This is followed by finger and thumb pressure to the energy points to release blocks to the flow of chi.  We finish up with a soothing foot massage, invigorating head massage and calming back, neck and shoulder massage.  Deeply invogoratinf for stressed and exhausted bodies

R400 - 90 min

Thai Foot Reflex Massage

An invigorating foot massage.  Thumb and finger pressure to the energy points are stimulated to increase the flow of chi throughout the body.  The meridian lines on the calves to the knees are stimulated and then relaxed.

The massage is effected with the use of a light cream lotion. and finished with a crystal foot massage to relax the foot.

R400 - 60 min

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